Instructor Bio

Spanish Translator and Interpreter
Frank – Spanish language professional

I am Francisco Gonzalez, I am language professional – English/Spanish. I have taught Spanish for almost 20 years in the U.S. and Latin America.  I got my interpreter-translator certification from Berlitz International in 2004 and I have been doing this job ever since

I grew up and was educated in Mexico and the US.. As a professional in the communication business, I opened my first language agency in 2008. I received a major communication, I started to work with foreign language teaching in the Early 2000’s. Teaching all kinds of learners: Business people, travelers, students, people relocating to a new city and culture. I have provided services to:  individuals from all walks of life and companies like: Walmart, Kraft, Oracle Mule Soft, Dropbox, Kiva,  and many small companies. I have taught in the following cities:  Los Angeles, Boston, Mexico City, and for the last 12 years in San Francisco BA.

I also began teaching online – on Skype – in 2008 and I really recommend it to everyone, you can learn it, no matter where you are.

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